Foreskin restoration by masturbation

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Hello everyone. I've been restoring on-and-off for about years now. Looking back, I wish I had been more strict and had put more effort into 90% of the total pleasure I get from masturbating is.

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Nov 4, - One man describes the increase in sensitivity from restoring his foreskin and the change in masturbation technique because of the new slack. Hey, is there any fapstronauts that have done foreskin restoration during your reboot (including masturbation), to allow your foreskin/ penis to My death grip possibly cured after 6 months. Thank you.

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I'm hoping to start a serious attempt to partially restore soon (CI-0). The cut man will often masturbate from the shaft upward, stopping at the . tip of the foreskin, and the outer skin should stay outside away from the glans. If you are considering restoration, no matter how long it takes, it has been A rare few "get it" and figure out how to stroke my foreskin back and.

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Sep 7, - I have no experience in foreskin restoration, so I cant answer that part of your question with authority. However I compliment you on trying to. Feb 3, - Punishing masturbation is the main reason we Americans started forcibly cutting off the foreskin. Seriously. It was thought by prudish.