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It's not all that unusual any more to have kids in diapers, whether they have special needs or just suffer from pediatric incontinence for whatever reason. Once your child is too big for infant diapers, but too small for adult diapers, you need to move to youth diapers.

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Aug 14, - And I like wearing diapers whenever I can get them without my parents knowing I shouldn't want to wear diapers. Boy; ; Teenager. Aug 14, - Hey guys! Thanks for clicking on our video!! Make sure to subscribe for more fun! Today we worked on the fish tank, Eden gets a sore throat.

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This is a story about me wearing and starting to like diapers. I was at the age of I will fast forward a lot so please pay attention. carries diapers for teenagers. These products serve to protect a teen who is still having issues. Find many types of products here.

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Mar 5, - How common is it for a 12 year old to like wearing diapers? . No it's not normal to wear diapers at 13, unless the young teen has urinary Why does my son like to wear diapers? Aug 12, - The hottest back to school trend is in diapers. Who says adult diapers can't be for young adults, too?

Pre teen in diapers

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My DD is in diapers full-time now. However, it costs quite a bit to buy them, especially the pull-up diapers that she wear for daytime, as these. I'm sure it's not just some pre-teen acting out. This girl has always been so soft spoken and quiet When I visit, I see her as still being soft-spoken and quiet but I.

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Dec 29, - We're into stage 6 diapers now and I don't know what to do after she a mission to have a company design a diaper for pre-teens and teens. May 7, - Write out your feelings in a letter. It can be shocking to discover your teen is wearing diapers. However, it's important to remain calm and.